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Aisha Fallen, Matron of Honor
“God made us sisters, but love makes us friends.”
That quote is the motto that was written on the bedroom walls of these sisters during childhood. Rashida often refers to Aisha as her second mom because of the guidance, unconditional love, and continual support that she has rendered throughout her life. She is truly the best big sister a girl could ever desire and worthy of being the Matron of Honor on Rashida’s special day!

Maia Morrison Jackson, Bridesmaid & Matchmaker Extraordinaire
“Best friends are the siblings God forgot to give us.”
Maia is Rashida’s best friend from childhood and has always been more like a sister than a friend. Through life’s complicated situations, she was her biggest supporter, loudest cheerleader, and even fortune teller! Maia gets all due credit for Rashida & Steven Going Green!

Shavonna Cohen, Bridesmaid
“Good friends are like stars; even when you don’t always see them, you know they are always there.”
Despite her relocation to Florida, Shavonna’s friendship has blossomed from being inseparable childhood buddies to adult besties. Her consistent acts of love and kindness, even from another state, have exemplified true friendship. Besides her loyal demeanor, Shavonna is the friend who Rashida can always count on for a good laugh on a bad day.

Karen James, Bridesmaid
“It’s the friends you can call at 4 a.m. that matter.”
After Karen and Rashida’s lives intersected on numerous occasions, they finally crossed the burning sands of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., together, becoming line sisters and best friends. Karen’s ability to love unconditionally and her acts of selflessness model a friendship that Rashida can’t live without! Steven can attest to that; her call and text message logs are proof!

Erica Gordon, Bridesmaid
“Friends are God’s way of taking care of us.”
Meeting through a mutual college friend, Erica and Rashida’s friendship grew quickly. Erica is the constant reminder of, “What Would Jesus Do?” Erica offers excellent advice, but more importantly, she always has an ear to listen.

Jenna Randolph, Bridesmaid
“Sometimes, you pick your friends; sometimes they pick you.”
Who knew that would add such an awesome friendship to Rashida’s life? Jenna’s carefree spirit, resilience, and hugs have been exactly what were needed on a daily basis. “Auntie J,” as she is affectionately called by Sydney and Skylar, is loved by all and fits right in with the family.

Tayler Jackson, Bridesmaid
“The greatest good you can do for a friend is not just share your riches, but to reveal to him his own.”
Rashida’s “little sister” and cousin, Tayler, has grown into a beautiful young lady. She reminds Rashida of the simple joys of life, ambition that is necessary to conquer all situations, and motivation it takes to reach your goals.

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